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The Little Church with the Big Heart
South Park Community Church is a congregation dedicated to proclaiming the Good News of the Gospel to all people: and witnessing by humble example, to our neighbor, both near and far, the love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Hiking Groups

Join us this summer for healthy hiking and great fellowship!

Tuesday Family Friendly Hiking Group
We will be hiking on Tuesday mornings starting this coming Tuesday, June 5.  For all of our hikes we will plan to meet at the church at 8 AM.  Feel free to drive directly to the trailhead if that's more convenient for you.  Those that meet at the church will have an opportunity to car-pool which is sometimes helpful when there is not much parking.  I will try to plan hikes 3 weeks in advance so each week's email will show at least the next 3 hikes.  Whenever possible I'll be including a website and some (hopefully) helpful information about the hike.  As always, kids are welcome!  Invite your friends and other SPCC members to come along, too!

Even though it might not include everyone I'd like to put together a texting group.  For most of us it will be easier to get last minute updates via text.  If you'd like to be part of the texting group please text "SPCC Hiking" and your name to me at 574-315-6253.

Last year some of us talked about maybe building up to hiking a 14er by the end of the season.  With that idea in mind I'm going to try to plan some easier shorter hikes in the beginning and add some longer, steeper hikes as we go.  Probably Mt. Sherman?  It's definitely the easiest and just about everyone should be able to do it.

Be aware that my philosophy of hiking with a group that has varied ability is to keep the group together as much as possible and to always put the slowest person first.  This allows the slower people to set the pace and not always be having to catch up with everyone else.  This method has always worked well for me in many hundreds of miles of hiking and backpacking with groups of youth and adults. 

At the bottom of every email will be some reminders about bringing water & snacks, dressing for the weather, etc.

As we go through the season I welcome your feedback and suggestions.  Call, text or email me!

Ready, set, hike! 

Bonnie Clay

Friday Challenge Hiking Group
Fridays will be for those that want more of a challenge - longer hikes, more diverse terrain, more elevation.  These hikes will not be recommended for kids.  Dogs are OK if they are used to these type of hikes.  These hikes may meet at the church or may just meet at the trailhead.  Check the trail info each week.  We only have this Friday's hike planned so far but will fill the future dates in ASAP.

The cool thing is - you can do both!  Or pick one or the other!  I'm not going to try to have two separate groups at this point.  I know some people will do both so it will definitely be easier to have one group for communicating.

Again, please text "SPCC Hiking" and your name to 574-315-6253 if you want to be in a text group for last minute updates for hiking.

Bonnie Clay